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At Stork 4D Imaging Studio, we want you to be completely comfortable. Please review the list of questions to the left. If you don’t find an answer to one of your questions, please contact us directly and we will get you an answer!

Many factors affect the quality of the images (fetal position, amount of amniotic fluid, amount of maternal tissue). We promise to make every effort to obtain the best possible images of your baby. If the baby remains uncooperative through your session it may be necessary to repeat the scan at a later time when the position has changed. We want you to be happy with the quality of your product and encourage you to share any concerns with us prior to leaving your session.

This is a great opportunity for family members to meet and bond with your baby. Our facility comfortably accommodates 4 guests in addition to the mom but you are welcome to bring more.

Yes, if that is your desire! We will attempt to obtain the best images to assure accuracy. If we are unable to confirm gender during your visit, we will reschedule an appointment at no extra charge for a “quick peek” when the baby is in a more opportune position. If you wish to keep gender a secret please let us know and we will respect your wishes.

At Stork 4D Imaging Studio, we pride ourselves on our commitment to promoting healthy pregnancies. We offer limited diagnostic services therefore a visit to Stork 4D Imaging Studio should never replace a physician visit. As a result, it is our policy that all women requesting an ultrasound provide documentation that they are receiving prenatal care. Our Prenatal Care Registration Form may be utilized for this purpose.

Before your ultrasound session, please complete our registration form providing the name and contact information of your obstetrician, family practitioner, or midwife. The completed form is a prerequisite before services can be completed. We look forward to meeting both you and your baby!


Ultrasound technology has been studied over the past 30 years and has not been shown to cause any harm to the mother or baby. Stork 4D Imaging Studio maintains quality standards to ensure the safety of the mother and fetus. Ultrasound sessions are limited to 30 minutes and are performed by certified ultrasound technicians. A Stork 4D Imaging Studio ultrasound session does not replace a full diagnostic ultrasound or ongoing prenatal care. We encourage you to speak with your physician about your intention to visit Stork 4D Imaging Studio.

Yes, sessions are by appointment only and fill fast. Please call 630-953-1800 to schedule your appointment.

Depending on the ultrasound session you choose. They lasts anywhere from approximately 10 – 30 minutes. Then it takes approximately another 15 minutes to have the digital files of your session to be sent to your email.

We accept cash, Visa and Mastercard. We do not accept personal checks.

It will not. This is an elective ultrasound that does not replace your doctors care.

No. We prefer that you be comfortable for your session. We recommend wearing comfortable clothes and being well hydrated.

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In order to make it possible for your loved ones to join in on this amazing experience we work to have a schedule that meets you and your family's needs. We schedule appointments 7 days a week. We can't wait to meet you "both"!

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